Jun 2018 Offering

This course has been completed.

O305 - All Hazards Incident Management Team
Date & Times
Jun 18 - 22, 2018 from 8 AM - 5 PM

The USFA Type III course focuses on the importance of developing and operating as a functional USFA Type III IMT. The course consists of five days of team-specific training designed to prepare it's members to better serve their local communities with the capability to manage large scale or complex emergency incidents. Subject matter covered: Introduction to IMT Training Foundation; Command and General Staff Functions; Incident Management Team Dynamics; Unified Command and Major Incident Management; Deployment Factors; Transfer of Command and Integration with Local Jurisdictions; Coordination of On-Site Resources; Planning Processes and Documentation; Demobilization; and Simulated on-scene IMT Operations. Prerequisites: IS100, IS200, IS700, IS800, ICS300, and ICS400.

Max Attendance
30 (8 Open Seats)
2302 Militia Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65101
POST Approved
Target Audiences
Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire, and Law Enforcement
Invite Only

IS700 OR IS700.a
IS800 OR IS800.b OR IS800.a OR IS800.c
G400 OR L400 OR IS400 OR MU400 OR ICs400
IS200 OR IS200.a OR IS200.b OR IS200.HC OR IS200.HCa OR IS200.FW
G300 OR G300-Blended (MGT313) OR L300 OR IS300 OR ICS300 OR MU300
IS100 OR IS100.FDA OR IS100.a OR IS100.SC OR IS100.HC OR IS100.b OR IS100.FW OR IS100.HE OR IS100.PWb OR IS100.LE OR IS100.SCa OR IS100.HCb OR IS100.LEa OR IS100.LEb OR IS100.PW OR IS100.FWa OR IS100.PWa

Course Roster

Course registrants will be listed here along with their contributing role.

Name Organization
Alton, Jeffrey SEMA/Region B Coordinator
Booth, Michael SEMA
Cassmeyer, Sarah SEMA
Curtis, Patricia SEMA
Davis, Nicholas MONG
Gerlach, Brenda SEMA
Harris, Bradley MO Department of Natural Resources
Haugh, Jason SEMA
Huddleston, Sheila SEMA
Leasure, Michelle Cole County Emergency Response Team
Lepper, Amy Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Mottaz, Kelly SEMA
Nienhuis, Michelle DPS/SEMA
Otto, Holly SEMA
Pethan, Mark State Emergency Management Agency
Rollins, Justin Missouri Army National Guard
Sassi, Barbara Missouri Department of Health
Starr, Jody DHSS
Tarabelli, Thomas Eureka Fire Protection Dist, Region C IST
Travis, Janice SEMA
Tye, Patti MERC
Winkler, Mark Cape Girardeau Co. Emergency Management